The “just-in-time” resource pool.

With contract positions, we’re able to meet those “just-in-time” qualified candidate needs when the number of projects you have in the hopper spikes and aggressive deadlines need to be met. Contract hires are the best solution for:

  • Seasonal peaks
  • Employee(s) taking a leave of absence
  • Project spikes
  • Unpredictable workloads
  • Other limited-term needs

At AG, we offer each of our clients a high volume of flexibility in each level of staffing. Whether you need to replace a seasoned employee completely or an entry/admin position, we make sure productivity doesn’t suffer and that your employees don’t feel the pressure of taking on additional work.

With contract hires you also won’t incur the typical costs or risks associated with employment like benefits, unemployment, FICA, workers compensation, and so forth.

Need a qualified candidate just in time? Contact us today and we’ll send you a list of potential contract hires as soon as we can!

Employee Retention Employee Retention The truth is that employee turnover is expensive. We do thorough vetting and screening of all prospective employees. They have to go through us before they get to you. The Right Fit The Right Fit But it isn’t just about making the match. A 40-hour work week is 40 hours of shared space and collaborating with coworkers; we make sure the company and the employee are the right fit for each other. Growing Network Growing Network There’s no reason for you to start from scratch when we we’ve already built a network. Whether it’s IT, accounting, HR or another area of expertise, we have the candidates, we know your company, we’ll make the match.

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