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Thank you for joining us on October 25th, 2018! We had great attendance and enjoyed connecting with so many businesses. Stay tuned for more information regarding a follow-up event.

Cloud and Collaboration – Are you keeping up?

Businesses are turning to cloud-based services and collaboration tools at a remarkable rate, ushering in a new era of business. As a leader in your organization, you have the tough balancing act of encouraging proactive technology health, combating cyber-hacking, providing the right productivity tools for your workforce, and keeping clients happy while working within a budget.

Join us for an interactive learning session—perfect for entrepreneurs, leaders and decision makers across any industry—to demystify the common misperceptions of cloud services and collaboration tools, in a fun and entertaining way. Which means, we promise this won’t be boring!

Presented by:

  • Cody Evans – Technical Specialist

    Cody Evans has more than six years of experience implementing technology services for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. He joined AdamsGabbert in November of 2017 as a Technology Specialist where he maintains industry standard technology offerings and delivers superior customer service to AG’s clients. Cody’s expertise lies in his depth of knowledge surrounding cloud services provided by both Microsoft and Google. He’s committed to empowering businesses to employ the latest technology to enhance their processes, guiding them into the future.

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