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Case Study

Engineering & Construction Services


Black & Veatch was looking for a trusted partner to direct source their contingent labor and outsource payrolling and benefits. It’s a concept they were already doing, but not necessarily equipped with partners that could handle the full scope. They needed a partner that offered robust health benefits and acted as an extension of Black & Veatch’s culture where employees felt respected and included. Black & Veatch and AdamsGabbert (AG) discovered a mutually beneficial relationship, positioning both companies for successful outcomes.


Looking for a trusted partner to manage full scope employment with contingent labor


Outsource Payrolling + Benefits


An initial challenge Black & Veatch encountered in their search was third-party vendors charging a 50% markup rate out of the gate without providing employees who would be the right cultural and long-term fit.

With AG acting as their employer of record, they were able to cut the 50% markup immediately. While Black & Veatch remains in charge of identifying and bringing in new contingent hires, AdamsGabbert is responsible for the onboarding process, including background checks, screenings, setting up direct deposit, etc. This arrangement has allowed Black & Veatch to diversify their contract employee supply base while reducing the burden and stress of managing the process.

Beyond managing the onboarding process, AG:

  • Provides a strong and unique culture fit for each new contingent hire
  • Ensures that employees feel engaged, valued, supported and respected
  • Leads to improved performance, engagement and overall results

Former Director of Global Talent Acquisition Operations Nathan Van De Voorde said, “When I look at AdamsGabbert’s culture, I know that one of their grounding principles is treating people with dignity and respect. We know that they care for their employees the same way we care for ours, so we don’t have to worry about that.”

“We know that they care for their employees the same way we care for ours, so we don’t have to worry about that.”


AG has earned a segment of Black & Veatch’s employment outsourcing business. This has resulted in a significant cost reduction for Black & Veatch, who are more likely to convert contingent employees to full time hires if they have been routed through AdamsGabbert. “We’ve also enjoyed the added benefit of working with a local KC company and helping them grow,” Van De Voorde said.

This mutual partnership has benefited both Black & Veatch as a global leader in engineering and construction services, and AG as a thriving locally, women-owned, small business consulting, staffing and payrolling partner.