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Case Study

Retail/Consumer Goods


Westlake Ace Hardware has had a strong presence across the Midwest, dating back to 1905. While proud of their rich history and retail accomplishments over the last 100+ years, it was time to transform their store management structure and bring it into the 21st century, establishing financial, customer and employee performance goals—all while reducing risk.


Field reorganization in 100-year-old company


Change Management + Organizational Design, Talent and Planning


AdamsGabbert (AG) first created a reorganization plan for the company’s field workforce structure, which successfully addressed labor laws and positioned the company for future growth. The reorganization – in sync with the company’s employee-centered culture – provided a succession plan for each position.

After analysis, planning and execution of the field reorganization, a company-wide training program was suggested to support the changes and ensure a smooth transition. During this process, additional issues were also found, and AG recommended new resources to solve them, including compensation bands, digital store files and other training tools.

“AdamsGabbert does a great job of gathering the information, assessing the situation and then preparing a cohesive plan and approach. They were ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.”


By working closely with key field and support team members, AG created field reorganization

plans and timelines, as well as developed and clearly defined new roles, responsibilities and job descriptions. Special work teams were created across all of the impacted areas, and these groups worked individually and together to create recommendations, timelines and solutions.

Salary compensations were assigned to each role and pay structures were implemented for the entire organization; these tools were used for the field reorganization rollout and all pay decisions, including the change in management from salary to hourly.

AG also created a streamlined training program to allow cross-training for the new job roles, including specific training that supports employee growth and scalability within company.

Other results included:

  • All operational procedures were integrated across all departments.
  • Leadership competencies were fully integrated with the company’s core mission.
  • Clear job roles and expectations were defined, and clear management task lists created.