Giving back and community engagement are in AdamsGabbert’s DNA.

We recognize we have a social responsibility to help improve the communities in which we live and work, and have been doing just that since 1999.

In 2016 AG created a Community Service Board composed of three employees and an executive sponsor. This group’s mission is to centralize our company’s community service efforts, providing us a focal point to drive change with a bigger impact.

Our stewardship ranges from a company-wide volunteer day of organizing annual community service initiatives to allowing employees to donate their time during business hours to worthy causes in the broader Kansas City community, including SevenDays and the T.A.K.E. Defense Foundation.


SevenDays was founded in response to the 2014 murders at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom in Overland Park. Denise Kruse was active with the leadership team to create a lifelong positive impact from this tragedy, knowing that we, as a community, have the power to overcome senseless acts of hate. The SevenDays theory is that one act of kindness will start the ripple to change the world. By engaging in acts of kindness each day for one week, all people, companies and organizations can choose to be part of embracing diversity.