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What makes a great data scientist?

Numbers, numbers, numbers. It’s the life of a data scientist, right? Well, not exactly. Sure, you have to be good at math to be a successful data scientist, but great data scientists are good at so much more.

More than just numbers. A strong data scientist should be an accomplished coder, a strong database engineer, and a great statistician. They provide a robust analysis on large datasets & subsets imported from multiple sources that often contain outliers and missing values.

Be the investigator. Great data scientists also have an insatiable curiosity. They don’t just accept the numbers at face value. They want to know why the numbers say what they say. They ask questions and look beyond the surface for the answers. They research the causes and find connections.

Be a storyteller. While data scientists are great with numbers, most people simply want to know what the numbers mean for them. A great data scientist can interpret those numbers, piece them together to tell an easily understood story, and give those numbers value.

Embrace technology. With the recent global focus on Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling, it is imperative that data scientists understand how to integrate the latest forms of technology into their work. AI is transforming our world, and data scientists should use these tools to their advantage. They should be able to convey findings to business stakeholders and explain the outcomes, a skill that’s integral to nearly every industry.

Take the next step. Data Scientists who bring the complete package are in high demand because they often prove themselves invaluable to their company. You can find plenty of data scientist jobs in just about any major city, according to job website Indeed, and there’s plenty of flexibility available, from full-time to contract to part-time jobs.

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